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Sunday 9 November 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Change"

Written for and inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt: Change
No matter what they
say at the soul cafe
I still want you to stay.

And I always will
'cos I love you so,
don't you know?
no matter what!

No matter what they
say at the art cafe
your music makes me sway.

And it always will
when I dance with you
so don't change things
for change sake.


  1. Some things should just never change.

  2. Start a petition - Don't Change!

  3. Very nice, I really like this.
    I hope you'll write more like it!

    Bella :)

    P.S. Mine's up too at


  4. Thanks Anthony, just read your latest thought provoking piece!

    Hi Keith, what is it that they say? Don't change a light bulb, unless it's blown!

    Hi Bella, I enjoyed reading your challenging post about change.

  5. Sadly, the things that we want to last forever are often the first things to suffer because of changes beyond our control.
    What would Dr Nairobi's response to this be?

  6. Another great piece. I appreciate the fact that I am always greatful for reading your posts.

  7. I really enjoyed this poem. It lightened my day. Thanks.

  8. I love the idea of a soul cafe! well done!

  9. Great feel, loved it.


  10. Hi Stan, I think Doktir Nairobi would say that we experience changes in this lifetime because we planned it that way before we were born into time. If you had needed to control everything you would have chosen to visit earth in a very different timescale and been born into a family that could guarantee you a position of privilidge.

    Doktir Nairobi is not a medical doctor. The name Doktir is a given name and means...

  11. Hi AOTI, thanks for the comment, I appreciate that!

    Hi Lilibeth, I was 'blown away' by your posting today and I reccommend others to check out your blog!

  12. Thanks Jennifer, I think I must have nicked the idea from Lou Reed, 'looking for soul food and a place to eat...etc.'

    Hi Jaclyn, nice to 'meet' you! Welcome to SS!

  13. Love all the sounds in here! The rhyme is natural and not forced and just adds to the musicality of it all.

  14. Thanks Linda, I love that word musicality!

  15. What did they say? Haven't they got anything better to do? I'll give them a piece of my mind...

  16. Thanks Brad, I was waiting for someone to step up!

  17. A sweet poem, and although we don't want things to change, it seems as though change is inevitable.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I did this prompt on two of my blogs this week, so if you get time, go check them out.


  18. Hi Vicki, looks like you're right, I hope your wrist isn't too painful!

  19. I left a reply on my own site in reply to your comment...*LOL* But thought I'd pop back over here and thank you for the comments and prayers!!

    The wrist is sore, but less painful since they put the cast on.

    Prayers for finances would be appreciated!! As a single mother, well this car accident did major damages to my finances, especially since it has been a month since the accident, and will be another month before I can even THINK about working.

  20. Hi Vicki, You got it! And I'm believing for you that your situation will improve!

  21. Thanks so much!! There is something else you can do in addition to prayers...I am sending an email to you (hope you don't mind!!) Please forward it on and/or copy and paste it to your blogs...

    You are a sweetie!

  22. Don't worry, I won't change a thing. I am not the type....

    No matter what..

    Shall I take on the offer?!

  23. Never say never
    I never know what to say
    love is in the air

    Will this come back to haunt me?
    are you even really there?

  24. I am very much there
    Just don't keep asking where

    Knowing not what to say
    always shows us the way

    your poetry is so concrete and real
    mine is abstract, bordering on surreal

    however, if we set our mind to it
    only then the twains will meet

  25. I know you don't know
    where I am right now, do you?
    standing in your shoes

    following in your footsteps
    I start to see what you see

    you can read my thoughts
    I am like an open book
    waiting to be read

    Who will write the next chapter?
    Life is like a game of chess!


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