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Sunday 12 April 2009

NaPoWriMo (12) Sunday Scribblings

Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt - Scary
and for NaPoWriMo day twelve :


She gives me that look

that says she knows

that I know

that she knows

and that’s not scary

but this is when

she gives me that look

that says she knows

that I know that

she knows that she knows

that I know

and that’s really scary

I hope it doesn’t scare you too…

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  1. hahah! funny one.
    i know that look :)

  2. It can be scary to know, you know ;-)
    Nicely done.

  3. okay, i had to be told also. i put your name down for the meme thing i did the other day.

    copy the questions from mine if you are up to do it.

  4. Hi Floreta, it's all in the look, isn't it?

    Hi Gautami, you're giving me that look, right now! (only joking).

    Thanks Tony!

    Hi Jack, thanks for thinking of me (me).

  5. Not so much scared as tongue tied!

  6. Now thats the type of poetry I avoid in the pub, especially after a sherbet of two!

  7. Rhythmical n full of word-plays.chk out the one on my blog.It's ghostly.

  8. Who knows, again?

    Scary stuff indeed.

  9. Ah, *that* look... wait - who knows what, again??

  10. And that's one reason to never know when to know...better safe than to know. Scary works.

  11. I don't know the look.
    Maybe I have seen it?
    I'm sure I have used it.
    As a companion once said, "she who shall by obeyed."

    Also it had a hint of the Pina Colada song my kid keeps playing too.

    Much Enjoyed!

  12. non verbal communication is *frightening* sometimes!

  13. Ah, ha, I quite like that scary look.


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