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Saturday 11 April 2009

NaPoWriMo (11) Saturday Scribes & Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Written for NaPoWriMo day eleven :
and posted to Saturday Scribes
and Monday Poetry Train Revisited

I go to my secret place
in the poetry garden
not many people know this
but you know all my secrets
anyway so it’s okay
my poetry patch really
where I grow poetic things
my favourite are the weeds
I cultivate them ad hoc
in my mind, but they grow theirs
naturally as nature goes
sometimes I will cut an edge
perhaps prune a word or three
mostly I just watch things grow
climb up the poet tree
and sit atop the branches
where the fairies swing is tied
to watch them mirror dancing
(they only tire at sunset)
when I come back down to earth
this is the poem that wrote itself
it told me to write it down like this
making monkey mayhem funky madness
sitting up the poet tree writing down
every word that she whispers to me
the secret of the ages of the rings
the way the wordy wordy wordy sings
and everything she brings from where she comes
and where she goes nobody really knows
she recites her wordy words to my world
and my world doesn’t hear a thing she says
(the wind blows her words whispering to me)
she sister
she secret
she says silently – hoping I can hear
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  1. I like the idea of a poetry garden, and the way you play with words in this one. Sounds like it would be fun to read out loud, although a bit of a tongue twister near the end. ;-)

    Thanks for dropping by Saturday Scribes and ME2!


  2. Hi dr, enjoyed reading your poetry earlier - I do get carried away with myself, sometimes.

  3. 'this is the poem that wrote itself
    it told me to write it down like this
    making monkey mayhem funky madness'

    LOVE that!

  4. Where is this poetry garden?Surreal and enchanting.I always like your stuff when I visit u.I have one for the poetry train too.It's about time travel.U can go directly by clicking on my blog link here.Pls do chk it out soon.


  5. This one's just perfect. I love poems about poems.

  6. You are right! I didn't know about your poetry garden. But I got my own. A Very fertile one too.

    Lets stroll in each other's poetry patch. Shall we?

    BTW, you waiting for your princess and I suppose I am the sleeping princess sans beauty!


  7. Loved the idea of a poetry garden, lots of great imagery and the sense of the poetry train going faster and faster before pulling into the station.

  8. This is so cleverly done...I love the idea of a poetry garden! Beautiful read. :~)

  9. stg, could not help but to smile at the creative singsong of words in such a fertile garden...

  10. Wow a poetry garden....like that concept a lot. We all do have our own.isn't it?
    Thanks for sharing this...its lovely.


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