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Thursday 16 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #16 coronavirus 21

Before computers were king
and took away our jobs
they say that there was
something in the air 

Once we didn't need face masks
to protect Joe Public from us
and our coronavirus
don't breath on me John
where's your surgical thing

When we invented things
built the first train
laid the first tracks
who sewed the buttons
on the trousers by hand

When the chimney stacks
rose up three floors above
the cotton mills down there
and the crowded canals were
the highways of their day

Before the first telephone rang
and television ruined our lives
and turned our children into
people we didn't recognise

Before artificial intelligence
social distancing and the
silent killer in the secret room
before robots walked the earth
and the virus came to cull us

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