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Friday 17 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #17 coronavirus 22

Can't believe the way they lie
don't answer innocent questions
couldn't run school dinners
let alone a pandemic exit

Where are the testing kits
where is the PPE
who is that bloke on the TV
telling lie after lie

The other guy stands there gurning
like a troglodyte gives the game away
with his body language when he speaks
it's just more of the same clap-trap

It's a political football but
none of them know the off side rule
they're kicking in different directions
and scoring nothing but own goals

The minister for whatsisname takes
a pot shot and hits the corner flag
the journalist shouts penalty but the ref
says no and boots the ball over the stand

They're way out of order and lying
through their broken teeth pity that
there's no dentists to go to right now
try the barbers sorry they're closed too

What are we going to do who are we
going to trust in these dark dark days
lockdown locked out for another
twenty one days and then a review

Reprieve maybe for the chosen few
but who's going to get the antidote first
the vaccination situation let's hope
the boffins can get it right

A big hand for the Doctors and Nurses
the genuine ones in all this mess this
coronavirus war keep calm stay home
relax don't forget support the NHS

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