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Sunday 26 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #26 coronavirus 28

Anti-body tests on stream dreamers dream beware
care homes hospices in our own homes who's counting
the dead they now forecast will be forty grand or more
support the lockdown defeat the virus
they're treating us like children the hot press screams

In Scotland we will be adult about this says Nicola Fish
the skies are blue bluer than they used to be
no haze today in this post production society of ours
no work no trains no cars go home you're barred

The Brexit backstop silly mid on has gone
they talk about the backdrop now what
ease the backdrop and all that clap trap trot
a public inquiry into all this palaver and
the way King Karloff handled this mess

Then there's this ding-a-ling with a telephone thing
I'm paranoid about the app to make it work
80% would have to download it
it's not an app it's a tracker and
a tracker is a trap that you don't want to fall into
oh it's okay phew because it's the NHS
that are planning to get this on stream
it's a testing and tracing app to save lives

Really do you believe what the Sunday papers say
Opt in to the anonymity of multiple countries
knowing where you are and what you're thinking
what you're doing and who you are talking to
I know what I think about that hows about you

It's easy with hindsight to say where things went wrong
to sing the Blame the culture blame the future song

Blame the present blame the past
blame the teacher blame the pupil
blame the widow blame the spinster
blame the Vatican blame Westminster

The political elite blame the scientists
for what they don't know but what they
don't know is that the scientists don't know
the truth is that no one knows and
the bottom line is we're facing the unknown

The trouble with the trouble is we have to stay at home
don't mix outside the bubble stay at home (drone drone)
save lives (I'm all for that) protect the NHS

However whatever happened to the promised PPE
the GMB and the TUC are still waiting to hear
meanwhile the stuff that we produce is being
sent elsewhere while we wait (sometimes in vain)
for basic stuff that's on a plane across the pond
who said if you buy cheap you (buy) suffer twice

Sunday brunch at the OK Coral
with Soul Power and the morality bunch
Yo-yo and the see-saw diet
die if you don't diet die if you do
who can you trust if the given must
is to ask you for money and more

Let your requests be known unto God
take care of the pennies and the pounds will fall off
or not as maybe or for a short while and
then you'll get fat again or fatter still but
the dollars will take care of themselves

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