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Saturday, 28 April 2018


To create the perfect dish
you need two types of pepper
sometimes three or four
add a touch of salt and sage
garlic ginger chives and celery
work your way through the alphabet
adding beans and butter butter beans if you like
avocado aubergine any combination of fruits
and/or veg pasta and potatoes and legumes
as long as there are two or three or more of each
and every letter under the English alphabet sun
sunflower oil and saffron I think you get the idea
mix it all up into an edible splodge
but don't forget that presentation is King
and perhaps Queen too for all of you domestic
goddesses out there Brighid and Branwen
Nike and Nyx Marici or Mama Killa
if they won't do chuck it in the skillet mix it to death
don't overdo it make sure you kill it and don't forget
that chips and chocolate round about midnight
on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday and Sunday
is the best time to eat so I hope you're still hungry

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