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Tuesday 4 May 2010


Written for and posted to POW PROMPT 1
The prompt is to write a poem to this collage.


Poet on Wednesday, boozer on Sunday, thank the big-bang for Friday!
Lover on Tuesday, hung-over on Monday, football on Saturday.

Thursday, playing snooker in the bunker, with Adolf and Eva Braun.


The American Sandwich game..
: Poetic Flash Fiction in 51 Syllables.
Write a piece of flash fiction in just three American Sentences.
Allen Ginsberg's American Sentence has seventeen syllables.
Your task is to use as few words as possible to fill the sandwich.



  1. Adolf and Eva? I don't Adam and Eve ya.

  2. You're a nazti little bugger you are!

  3. A man of many accomplishments, Andy. But find a nicer snooker hall!

  4. Hi Stan, you better believe it, there's not much else to do in the bunker apart from play with little balls.

    Thanks Rall, I'm right underneath that laughing horse!

    Derrick, I think you might be right. good advice.

  5. good grief, I'm dense. I thought your poem was a series of malfunctioning links. du'uh. Neat exercise. I'm thinking of working more with american sentences. tricky little bugs.

  6. Adolf and Eva huh? I with Derrick find a nicer snooker hall. Good!

  7. Thanks Pamela, I imagined that I was in a bunker under the street! And snooker is a kind of hide and seek, at some level!

  8. Very interesting take, Andy! I like the long lines listing daily modes of being - poet, boozer/hungover, lover, football fan-or-player, snooker player, big-banger. I'm trying to figure out the pattern of days, but can't...

    I find it interesting that you've paired the dastardly couple using his first only and her first and last names, as if, in addition to hiding from reality in the bunker, he was trying to escape his self-made identity. Hitler becomes Braun. In the end, the bunker didn't help...

    Anyway, without the last name, Adolf reminds me of my visit to Mt. Athos (Ayon Oros), the Eastern Orthodox monastic peninsular "republic" in the Greek northeast. My stay in the Grand Lavra monastery overlapped with that of a Swiss theologian and a German tourist named Adolf.

    The monasteries offer their guests refreshments of Turkish delight and raki when they first arrive. But that wasn't enough for Adolf. When he was finished, he started saying in a loud voice, "Where's the monk with the drinks?" until they actually brought him another just to shut him up.

    Great fun.

  9. I'd never heard of an "American sentence" and I always thought an American sandwich was processed cheese and bologna on white bread :). I might have to adopt that expression "thank the big-bang it's Friday."

  10. Hi Paul, thanks for the story, you're a mine of information. The pattern of days in my piece is random, and yeah playing snooker (ball games) with Adolf Braun is demasculinizing Hitler.

    Hi Francis, the seventeen syllable American Sentence, was created by Alen Ginsberg. The 'bib gang' are the people who thank the big bang for friday, in theory anyway!


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