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Thursday 23 October 2008

TOP prompt "Justice/injustice"

Posted for Totally Optional Prompts


Daisy Dippy
on the 'dilly
kissed my lips
and touched
my willy
must've thought that
I was silly.
When she said
she liked
Big Ben!
I didn't know
she meant
my ten...
quid that
she slid
into her pocket
that she dipped
from my
sky rocket!
Dippy, Dip = pick-pocket
'dilly = Piccadilly
Big Ben = rhyming slang for ten
quid = £1 English money (slang.)
dipped = stole, pickpocketed
sky rocket = pocket

Have you read my poem Polyamourosity yet?


  1. Look on the bright side - it could just have easily been Donald, on the 'dilly.

  2. Hi Stan, you need to stay away from the meat rack!

  3. Now that was fun - although I thought you might be going overboard when I read 'ten'. But you offered a reality check in the next line :-)

  4. Quick and interesting word play. I like this.

  5. Laughing - love the hoopla here!

  6. This is a cute one. I like the rhythm.

  7. Hi Anthony, these things are always fun to write - after the event!

    Thanks Nicole, I try to make these things reflect real time but they do happen so fast.

  8. Thanks Sue at Tumblewords, I like leading people 'up the garden path' sometimes.

    Hi Jeeves, I just read your taxi driver story - dead good - economic breakdown!

  9. Absolutely delightful! I love British slang, I listen to a lot of Eddie Izzard and watch a lot of British flicks so I got most of the slang. A great, great piece!

  10. Aw, thanks Jane Doe, you make it all worth while!

  11. Hi Linda, it's funny now but I was mad at losing £10 at the time.

  12. This is a classic! If I didn't live a couple of hundred miles away I'd buy you pint!

  13. Cheers Keith, I might take you up on that offer one day!

    Thanks Tammy!

  14. Definitely fun and clever -- word twisting is such great fun, isn't it?

  15. Hi Susan, thanks, I like a little twist now and then - it sure is fun!

  16. is this also your 'brag' for SS... ;)

    This was a fun read with some witty turns of phrase.

  17. Hi Rob, glad you liked it.

    My SS entry is actually the post above this one and it's called 'Confessional' I did make a mistake and post the permalink to the wrong poem at first but I re-entered later with the correct one.

  18. Hahaha, this one had me laughing for an ill minute.

  19. Hahaha. You're very good at this. It runs with an easy rhythm; I caught myself singing along with it, every one of the 3 times I read it over.
    Great job!

  20. Hi M. Morris Gaman,I like to build it up and let it down, sometimes.

    Hi Aareet, thanks for reading this so many times, I hope It didn't shock you!


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