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Monday 4 February 2008

RWP Clothes..

The Oxfam Shop...

Dress up to kill
dress up to the nines
the nifty nineties
are waiting for you.

Ties are old hat,
suits are worn with boots.

Obey the 'Dress Code' means:
No trainers, no jeans!
Or, know the bouncer.

Oxfam's okay for clothes
but a bit expensive for the
Twopenny Chic.
Danny Wise 1997


  1. now would i ever see the oxfam? :) i love being a two-penny chic, very nice.

  2. Less is more, in my book. I like the spare flow of your lines. Anyone who shops at the oxfam shop has a heart of gold. :)

  3. oh this takes me back.......and cos it's you I'm thinking Affleck's Palace.....last time I was there it had really changed from when I used to shop there (mid 80s, 50p for a jacket :sgrin). I like it.

  4. I always shop in Oxfam (or Shelter or any other cahrity shop) i also love Afflecks Palace

  5. Ul - Thanks for the comment.

    Mariacristina - The Oxfam shop sure is the place to shop.

    Jo - It's funny how things turn around, My son Jack shops at Afflecks Palace now but he's buying expensive clothes not like the retro denims I used to buy for a couple of quid.

    Crafty Green - Yeah, they have designer charity shops now in the Northern Quarter near Afflecks, but they are a bit expensive for the twopenny Chic.

    Afflecks Palace was under threat of closure recently but some property company has bought the building and it's business as usual.

  6. I am not familiar with either. However, I like your poem. You can say a lot in fewer words.

  7. Good poem. More people should shop in charity shops. I guess a lot of people just don't like second hand.

  8. Hi Gautami- The Oxfam Shop is a second hand clothes shop where people donate unwanted clothes etc. that are sold to aid the charity Oxford Famine. Afflecks Palace is a five story building in Manchester's Northern Quarter that has stalls selling all sorts of hand made things and retro clothing.

    Hi Anthony- Thanks for visiting. My local Oxfam shop has been rebranded 'Oxfam Originals' to attract the 'trendy' types.

  9. We have a charity place like that in our little town affectionately called the East Side Mall. Many of my high school students shop there all the time. Great piece!

  10. Thanks Linda, I really liked your Angora poem 'Dressing'.

  11. Hi Just Jen, if you know the bouncer you don't need to worry about the dress code!

  12. Great feel and rhythm... ;)

    Finely done!

  13. Thanks Rob, I'm still thinking about the Reaper Groom! I just went back to your site to look at the artwork! Great!

  14. You've got great heart here. A pleasure to read.


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