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Sunday 11 January 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Organic"

Written for Sunday Scribblings - Organic prompt.



Organic poetry sounds good to me!

Rhymes but it doesn’t have to don’t you know?

Ghazal, I only tried it once to see...

Acrostic? No not me, I’m much too slow.

Narrative not necessarily free.

Iambic pentameter starts to crow,

Cinquain has two four six eight two to show.

Poetry is much too complicated.

Ode in olden days, she’s set in her ways!

Elegy is no allergy dated,

Tanka haiku,thank you, which way you say?

Renga, Jenga, they all fall down, hated.

Yazoo and Gibbo and all the gang, hey!



  1. "Poetry is much too complicated." my sentiments exactly! :)

  2. Poetry, complicated? I was only joking! (just kidding). It is really, sometimes, I think!

  3. Great use of definitions & designs! Your work is always right on and fun to read...

  4. organic poetry is what i prefer best! :) i don't know different forms, i just write.

  5. Well, this was a learning poem. Well, should poetry follow a particular form. Doesnt it become an exercise and the essence of expression would be lost in understanding the rules1

    Like this post.

  6. As someone who has great difficulty with forms, hip, hip hoorah!!!

  7. Hi Sue@Tumblewords, Thank you so much for reading this and making such a wonderful comment.

    Hi Floretta, and wonderfully imaginative poetry you write too!

  8. Hi Jeeves, poetry is a microcosm of life and life is one great big learning curve. If we don't exercise we get fat and lazy and the only thing that's lost in understanding is perhaps innocence. There again, breaking the rules is fun too...

    Hi Anthony,
    I thought you were going to say hip hop! Or was it be bop in your day? Only joking I reckon I'm a titchy, midgy teeny weeny little bit older than you anyway.

  9. Hi Anthony, I hate to admit to being over 29 but if your birthday is before August 25th. then you're older than me - which would actually mean that we would have been in the same year at school. 1955 Phew! I hope the casual reader of these comments is unable to dicpher the code!

  10. Terrific. I really enjoyed this one.

  11. Thanks Dave,
    I'll be straight over to your page when the pub closes.

  12. now this gives me a lot of styles to try :)..
    P.S I am too poor when it comes to poetry..so had no clue about many kinds you mentioned here :)

  13. Hi there..Creative-
    I guess it's too easy to become boxed in then loose that spark huh?

  14. Great take on this prompt! And so much fun to read. As far as forms go, sometimes they're fun to try but mostly I prefer just...writing...

  15. This was so much fun - just like writing poerty should be! I'm with you my friend.

  16. I've read this three different times now. Each time I find something different that I like about it. Iambic pentameter starts to crow I love it!

  17. this is of brilliance!
    completely something I resonate with....well done sweet talker!

  18. i just read your profile after reading your comment. i get you....

  19. I think you have come out with the organic poetry with these lines. Lovely Write!

  20. Hi Rambler, It's not the quantity it's the quality, or so they tell me.

    Hi Gmarie, I guess so! But once the fires burning...

    Hi Linda, Just writing? You do it so well!

  21. Thanks Keith,
    Fun is the key word here!

    Hi Justplaininsane, love that name! Did you notice the Acrostic?

    Thanks Jennifer, I'm still floating!

  22. Hi Neilina, I think it must be the organics at work!

    Nice one Doe!


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