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Saturday 28 March 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Aging"

Written for Sunday Scribblings - "Aging" prompt:


you’re only as old

as you think you are

I think I’m getting

younger every year

therefore you’ll soon be

catching up with me

twenty years ago

you thought I was old

I was twenty-nine

and you were nineteen

now you’re thirty-nine

and I’m just nineteen

you’re ten years older

than I’ll ever be

you see you’re only

as old as you think


Don't you know! It's never too late to take The NaisaiKu Challenge?


  1. Sometimes it feels like time is going backwards, and I think the poem works well to describe that feeling.

  2. ahh..it is an art...your words, I mean.

    very nice.


  3. I like this. Especially the last line.

  4. :) sweetalkingguy you talk love.
    do chk out my prompt
    at http://eternitycallsus.blogspot.com/2009/03/rosy-surprise.html

  5. I am still 21 ......its just that I have plenty of years of experience!

  6. That should work for quite a while, yet. Good thinking...

  7. A vitally important message in there.

  8. My husband also takes years off to calculate his mother's birthday. She just turned 13 (or is it 87)? And he is perpetually 14. A nice little poem, whimsical and fun to read.

  9. Age is just a number that society dictates, in my eyes.
    In regards to the 'silent' verses 'silence', as I told the other chap: 'silent a hush' meaning to make a hush silent, 'silence a hush' would be like telling the hush off! Silence seems more formal to me and I am the crazy girl in the Poem, see? So if it doesn't make complete sense of the English language, good! No really 'silent' is to me to put a stop to, not 'silence' being the absence of such. Am I making sense now?
    Thanks for your comment though. Much appreciated, you.

  10. Let's see. 19 + 10 = err, 29. And 39 - 19 = let's see, oh forget it! I think you are older than you think you are!

  11. I like being my age. Well, most of the time. I certainly have no desire to go back in time. But that's me!

  12. What a delightful concept. Well done!

  13. Clever! My old brain almost had it figured out...lol. :~)

  14. This is exactly how I feel with my daughters!

    And I am quite sure the way they feel about me, constantly telling me I need to grow up!

    Nice one!

  15. Fun poem.
    I like the way you think and I must agree ;-)

  16. Rhythmic.I come across something innovative everytime I visit u.I do have a different type of poem on my blog after a long time.Pls do drop by.

  17. That made my head spin! LOL!

    I think I might be heading towards being an ageing adolescent!

  18. Wonderful--I love this poetic interpretation of the topic!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  19. lovely and whimsical. reminds me of the movie - the curious case of benjamin button. if only we could all age backwards, once we cross 30 that is. or 40. or 50.


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