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Thursday 1 April 2010

NaPoWriMo 2010 Day 1

The Read Write Poem prompt:
First up on our prompt-writing roster is Donna Vorreyer, who answered our call for prompts with immediate enthusiasm. Thank you Donna; thank you to all our members who provided prompts!
Donna says she uses this idea all the time for both herself and her students to force new language and connections into drafts.
  1. Put your iPod or iTunes (or other mp3 player) on shuffle. (If you don’t have a music player that shuffles, you can choose CD or album titles at random from your collection by writing several titles down on little slips of paper … works the same way.)
  2. Write down the first five titles that come up. No cheating allowed!
  3. Use all five titles to draft a new poem. They have to be used intact — you can interrupt them with punctuation, but you may not remove or change words.
Shuffle away — the more eclectic your music collection, the better!

Here's my titles: 
Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Bohemian Rhapsody, Coney Island Baby, Five Little Speckled Frogs, Where Do You Go To My Lovely.

And my poem:

watching her every move
waiting to pounce
as she staggers
to bohemian rhapsody
she’s no coney island baby
he thinks as she
slowly inches her way
through the crowds
towards the floor
taking his chance he asks
where do you go to my lovely?
she lights a cheroot
who’s askin’ colonel bogey?
fancy a quick dance?
he pushes for a response
five little speckled frogs?
leave it out will yuh
who are yuh anyway
sergeant peppers lonely
hearts club band or what?


  1. I'm a bit late for this prompt, what with the time difference and all, but I'm going to do one anyway.

  2. You have a great command of and instinct for line breaks, and I'm really impressed by the seamless way you integrated the song titles into this poem.

  3. Oh, look at the story you've woven with song titles that would have caused me utter despair! :) Masterful work.

  4. ah -- that's PERFECT!!

    love it!


  5. I think this is my favorite of all that I've read. Not just because of the song titles but I like the feel of it.


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