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Sunday 16 November 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Stranger"

Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt: 'Stranger'.


Down on the autobahn by the funny farm where the big kickers go.

I don’t give a ruck about them, but that’s where their stiletto’s get stuck.

Him in the habit said his name was Shirley but Mummy calls him Jack.

Jack, get back in the closet, ‘cos no one cares about the things you wear.

Sam drives a Rolls Can’ardly, rolls down hills but can hardly get up ‘em.

Takes the chauffer and Daddy’s limo when he goes to town to tank up.

And Matey Minedrops is just about as ginger as his wardrobe friend.

He dresses to tease, to please himself, naked, looking in the mirror.

Then the cell phone goes, ‘pronto, yeah, yo, whats-yer-face what yer want? not now!’

When the stranger walks in, the stash goes down the pan, for the umpteenth time.



  1. Strange poem I think, but it made me laugh trying to figure out what it meant. I'm just not good with poetry I guess.


  2. Hi Vicki, it was meant to be strange!

  3. I am not exactly sure I know what I just read, but I know I liked it. I will inevitably revisit it numerous times throughout the coming week...

  4. I could just picture these unusual characters hanging around the autobahn. What's an autobahn? lol

  5. A walk on the wild side - and then some. How Lou Reed is that?

  6. You got style sweet talking.
    Thanks for dropping by scribble.
    Have a good week.

  7. Oh, well maybe I "get" poetry after all! *LOL*

    I'll agree with Frances, you got style!

  8. With hints of cross dressing I guess this must be a trans-literary poem :-)

    Strange, but I enjoyed it.

  9. AOTI, thanks for your persistence!

    Hi Tammy, They are strange but fairly harmless except to themselves. The Autobahn is the German word for Freeway or Motorway, in some places there is no speed limit. The Funny Farm is a service station near Berlin where strange people meet.

  10. Hi Stan, as ever Lou Reed has to be the inspiration! Have you got his album, Berlin?

    Hi Frances, I just love it when people call me Sweet!
    In Pub-poetry we say: Have a good drink!

  11. I love the strangeness of this poem.

  12. Thanks Vicki, I hope and pray you get much more than poetry!

    Hi Anthony, Trans-literary? Now there's a thought!

  13. Hi Lilly, Strange, but I couldn't resist the prompt!

  14. this is strange but it was consistent throughout. and thanks for the smiles brought by this poem

  15. Hehe that was stranger, and only got stranger as it progressed :)

  16. Hi again Andy - I don't have Berlin, but I have four or five others. My favourite must be 1969 Live.

  17. Thanks Totomai!

    Hi MsPennylane, I'll take that as a compliment!

    Hi Stan, wasn't that The Velvet Underground and featuring Sweet Jane?

  18. I was laughing at what Tammy wrote...it was definately strange...but the odd thing is...I could visualize it all!!lol

    Who's the strange one I wonder? haha

  19. scratches head yep I think I got it. Good one and definetly a funny strange good job.

  20. Interesting and, yes, free flying, almost surreal. Maybe a beer or two would help tie all the ends together. What I liked most was the dancing, funny rush of images that carry insight into what it means to be a certain kind of guy in a certain kind of world. Sweet!

  21. I like the strange jingle when I read some parts of this poem out loud--like a country accent almost. Made me laugh. Strange images, quirky people. Thanks for sharing! :)

    I want to also thank you for visiting my poetry journal as well. :)

  22. Hi Andy; Yes, your'e right - Great versions of Sweet Jane, What Goes On, and others.

  23. Hi Giggles, glad you could visualize it!

    Hi *~sis~*, Thanks, it's good to be strange, sometimes.

    Thanks Jadey, it's one of those where you either get it or you don't!

  24. Thanks Bluebethley, I think a couple of beers might help this one too!

    Hi ambiguitylotus, many thanks for the in-depth comment, I love that word jingle, it makes me tingle!

    Hi Stan, I've got some VU on an old tape in the van, Sweet Jane, (short version) is on that, but there's no name printed on the album. Anyway...

  25. What a great, vivid picture of this guy. I love this!

  26. Many thanks Susan!


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