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Tuesday 27 September 2011

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 27 - Poise

Welcome to Day 27 of The Height of Haiku Challenge, where your challenge is to write 30 haiku in 30 days. The prompt today is POISE suggested by Tarang.

Here's mine:


From one small acorn
Poised and ready to survive
Acres of green oak


  1. Like it very much. It has not just the form of the haku, but the feel as well. Excellent post.

  2. Acorn and oaks ...hmmmm gives a nice smoky flavour to the Haiku. Great poise in the hard and durable oak trees, which can survive for thousands of years!!

  3. I can see the forest growing before my eyes! I like how you approached the prompt!

    Poised and poise

  4. Great take on the word poise...I have an oak in my front yard...I grumble at acorns, but your words are so powerfully true

  5. This is powerful and lovely!!

  6. excellent take on the theme!
    from a small acorn, a mighty oak grows.


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