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Thursday 2 October 2008

RWP #46

She is my meditation and my muse,
without her I cannot live.
Every day she steers my ship at dawn,
to new horizons and beyond.

She is my communication,
my voice, without her I am silent.
As if by magic-carpet,
galaxies appear at the speed of thought.

She is my constant companion,
without her I am lonely and lost.
At the market-place she is with me,
when I re-wick and oil the lamps.

She is my imagination, my strength,
when I rub her lamp she comes.
She is more than a genie to me though,
she is my goddess of love.

She is the spirit that fuels my soul,
on towards immortality.
Already we have built a million mansions,
in the eternal realm.


  1. And right in time for the Hindu celebration for Mother Goddesss. For me, I am in silence with & without her.

  2. Thanks here it is!, She is my goddess of love, I would be lost without her.

  3. Everyone needs such a goddess - real or imaginary - for all the reasons you state.

  4. Thanks Philip, for your very lovely comment!

    Hi Stan, sometimes I can't tell the difference between the real and the imaginary, so I ask her.

  5. I read the fist four verses thinking it a good, well-constructed poem of an undeservedly unfashionable genre - but the last verse lifted it, in my opinion, to a new height altogether.

  6. Thanks Dave, I get a bit spiritual, now and then.

  7. I love that you write about the goddess. This is genuinely felt and well expressed.

  8. Thanks Nathan, I think that I'm falling in love with a new goddess..

  9. There is not much difference between real and imaginary. I dig it!

  10. Hi Gautami, It's always nice to see you at STG..

  11. Hello,

    Now my professor would say this sounds codependent. I think its beauty in written word.


  12. A true love story. The connection to inspiration as a goddess is very touching.

  13. Hi T, thanks for visiting STG..
    It's a spiritual meditation where he mixes faith with imagination and applies it to his situation resulting in an infatuation with the goddess and a communication which is a liberation in itself.

    Christine, many thanks for the informed comment. Don't you just love a true love story?

  14. I like how you weave in symbols of many faiths. Clever - and hey, I like formal poetry!

  15. Thanks ., It is a bit of a hotch potch of beliefs, but sometimes I just go where my imagination takes me. So glad you liked it.

  16. I shall add it has quite a rythm too- read it loudly

  17. Thanks Annamari, I'll shout it from the rooftops!


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