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Thursday 1 November 2007

TOP 4 Work

If you don’t eat
you don’t stop
If you don’t stop
you don’t play
If you don’t play
you don’t stay
If you don’t stay
you don’t sleep

If you don’t sleep
you don’t wake
If you don’t wake
you don’t take
If you don’t take
you don’t make
If you don’t make
you don’t work

If you don’t work
you don’t eat!
If you don’t eat
You don’t live
If you don’t live
You don’t breathe
If you don’t breathe
You don’t need

If you don’t need
You don’t have
If you don’t have
You don’t want
If you don’t want
You don’t give
If you don’t give
a fig about work!


  1. Nice trip. There is something about figs that make it happen (;

  2. As much fun to look at as to read. This was pleasing.

  3. Thanks Mad Kane, Alan and Dennis for the comments and many thanks to everyone else who visited.

  4. i'm sorry andy but these people don't know what they're talking about; this is your most inane poem yet!

  5. Hi Ruth, Thanks for the candid comment. The point is that there is no point - if that's 'inane' then you've really hit the nail on the head!

  6. interesting structure!


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