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Sunday 10 February 2008

Writers Island #21- Changed..

How to make the word Poet.
First take some ingredients
and put them in a big pot...
What else goes into the pot?
asked the little girl in red.
Is it a hot melting pot?
she adds, before he replies.
Yes, it's a pig-iron pot
it gets very, very hot!
Is it a magic spell pot?
Yes, it's a magic cold or
hot kind of magic spell pot!
Why is it magic? she asks.
Well, because, because, Because
pot can be changed to read top,
top can be changed to read opt.
Opt to pea-too or even
tee-poo and oh-tea-pee, phew!
Granted all which when chanted
in secret incantation.
Or just by adding an E
you can make the word Poet
as if by magic from pot.
That's why it's a magic spell
and poet no E's just pot!


  1. Loved this. Great fun. The true 'magic' of the poet.

  2. Very cleverly done and great fun to read.

    We've now had four days of sun in the south! Glad to hear is also been sunny in Manchester.

  3. Chris- Glad you thought this was fun!

    Cricket's Hearth- Thanks!

    Hi Anthony- Don't you just love 'magic?'

    Hi Just Jen- hehe haha I'm still laughing!

    Watermaid- Glad to hear that it's not snowing down south, yet!

  4. Yes me cat did blink at you. In fact when you rub his tummy with your cursor he will even purr.

    Love you poem and the smile that went with it. Thank you.


  5. Can I do that again?

    Yes my cat did blink at you and he will even purr if you rub his tummy.

    I loved your poem and the smile that went with it. Thank you.

    There, that was better.


    (Could that be why we have a preview?)

  6. You are a modern day Dr. Seuss. Brilliant!

  7. b - Thanks b I'll have to come back and rub your cat's tummy!

    Selma - Thanks for the visit, Dr Seuss? I wish..

  8. Hi Rambler,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    That was quite a question you posed on Virtual Ramblings.

  9. Andy, I better quit calling myself a poet after reading this!

    I enjoyed!

    endless possibilities

  10. Very playful - it just sweeps you right along. Nice! :)

  11. Gautami- Thanks for the kind words, you are one of my favorite poets!

    Constance- Glad you liked it, I love your picture!

    Crafty Green- Thanks, it was fun to write too.

  12. loved that last line...superb as the rest. Thanks.

  13. Just playful, and still able to say what it is needed to be said. Very clever piece with touch of child-like innocence in the voice and I so like that element.

    Happy Valentines!

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  14. "opt to pea-too or even tee-poo and oh-tea-pee, phew!" incredible! simply incredible....the whole poem, how witty, how whimisical, how FUN!!!!

    loved this poem....simply, simply loved it!

  15. Thanks Jeques, Happy Valentines to you too!

    Thanks Rebecca, It really was fun to write... I so enjoyed reading your dog story!


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