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Tuesday 30 September 2008

TOP prompt "Revisitation"


With only an hour left for him to live, he sets out to make his peace.

Love letters to burn, skeletons to closet, and daughters to marry.

He revisits his old stomping grounds and finds a priest to confess to.

Poetry to erase, novels still to write, pictures that need painting.

People to forgive, sons to instruct, balls to kick, recipes to burn.

Aeroplanes to jump from, mountains to climb, rivers to ford and to swim.

Poets to read, websites to find, comments to make, more blogs to link to.

Babies to kiss, wives to dismiss, lovers to lean on, tears to cry.

Beer to drink, time to think, people to find, galaxies to explore.

Seeds to plant, crops to rotate, potatoes to dig, apple trees to shake.

And still, knowledge to acquire, things to see and do, other fish to fry!



  1. That's just about the strongest argument for 'Life's too short'.

  2. Yeah, I wonder what he'd do with a four minute warning?

  3. He better put his favorite TV videos on high-speed and just watch the highlights. (to hell with the laugh track!)

  4. Thanks Jack, and if he could just watch the goals being scored at the football match he could be in and out in a few mins.

  5. Looks like a "Bucket List" to me. You know, as in the movie with Jack Nicholson. "Things to do before you die." I didn't see the movie though. I am too busy trying to get a bunch of things done before I die.

  6. Hi Tom, Thanks for visiting. you're spot on about the bucket list, don't kick it!

    I wish I was riding a Harley!

  7. Gotta love it - living life to the fullest.

    Thanks for visiting NICKERS AND INK.

    Blessings, Linda

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  8. Love this one . . . but why are you erasing poetry? ;-)

    SIMPLY SNICKERS – weekly poetry prompts

  9. I sometimes feel the same, and when I realise I'm thinking like this, I sit back and remember an important part of your post:

    beer to drink :-)

  10. So very true and reminds me of all my passions anf hobbies :)
    Nice One.

  11. Thanks Linda, you're always so busy!

    Hi SS, he was erasing his love poems to his secret lovers so his wives wouldn't find out.

  12. Hi Here it is, thanks for visiting. I tried to leave a comment on your blog but those gremlins..

    Thanks Anthony, that's what pub-poetry's all about!

  13. Today I wrote something after a long time. My mind needed the rest, I suppose.

    Come read the last post. Just Click on my name.

  14. Love this. When I started I was thinking maybe the guy would have some final clarity on what to do (like maybe you'd tell me--Ha!)

    Seems like he doesn't. Guess he's human. But he'd better hurry it up and pick something. Clocks ticking...

    Thanks Andy!

  15. Hi Gautami, loved reading your quality piece 'Locked in the attic.'

    Hi Karen, I think the fact that he doesn't know what to do but has so much he still wants to do is his salvation in a way 'cos he's to busy to die.

  16. Outstanding. There is a lot to pack in to a life well-lived.

  17. Hi Annie, some people believe that some of us live at a faster pace than others and that different ones can pack a lot into a little time - there must be some truth in this, somewhere.

  18. Hi there sweet talking guy!

    Sheesh, makes me tired and want to lie down and die for a hundred years.

    I've been there...done most of that (except for the multiple wives--strict rules about having them serially--gets way too complicated, especially when you throw in girl friends, boy friends, etc) I'm now pining for less to do, and how can I experience the world in the fur of my beloved Siberian Husky?

    You know?

    Thanks for this fun piece...made me want to dance!

  19. Hi Beth, you'll need to find a cool place 'cos it gets hot under the collar in a fur coat they tell me.
    And yeah, serial monogomy is the way forward, anything else gets way too complicated. But don't slow down, 'cos the next step is stop!
    Just a bit of fun!

  20. Who is this guy? wots is name? Where dus he live? He doesnt sound reel to me.

  21. Hi anonymous, We've really got to stop meeting like this.
    In my book there is no reality without imagination.

  22. Fantastic poem. Lots to do in life

  23. Hi Jill, Welcome to STG.. Yeah there's so much to do but not enough time to do it!


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