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Wednesday 8 October 2008

TOP prompt - Discoveries


I used to go to Disco Very,

every Friday night so merry.

Poco Loco, Disco So-so,

Cinderella’s an’ Arabella’s.

Sing, Sucu sucu, dance like Ferry,

Do the Strand in the Roxy room.

Piccadilly Jilly’s, Pip’s and Placemate,

Disco Very, yeah, yeah, yeah!

And everybody at Disco Daze,

would disco dance to the disco craze.

Northern soul, do the Tamla walk,

those seventies days in Manchester.



  1. I remember some of the venues, but they were all finished by the time I was old enough. Replaced with the likes of Hacienda among others.
    Today...? I wouldn't have a clue.

  2. Hi Stan, the Manchester clubs are in the middle verse and only the Jilly's name survives today albeit in a different location. Pips was still there in your day but it had changed its name by then. Placemate and/or Placemate seven was on the same site as The Twisted Wheel where Northern Soul started, there's still a club there today.

  3. You took me back. I started the 70s playing hard rock, but I could never deny the disco in me, either.
    Loved this.

  4. Thanks Anthony, I like it when you mention your band..

  5. love the interpretation; very witty and fun.

  6. oh definitely an original take on the prompt. loved the rhymes too.

  7. Thanks Totomai, I was inspired by your post today.

  8. Thanks Jim at diatribal Arts, nice to see you at STG..

    Hi Sue at Tumblewords, you're very kind..

  9. I adore the way you've rhymed. :)

  10. I love your creativity. . . what a fun little poem!

  11. Thanks Felicity!

    Hi Purple Muse, it was fun to write too.


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