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Wednesday 6 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 2011 Day Six

Coincidentally he fell over
Over he tumbled and stumbled inside.
Inside the house was a boy called Norman
Norman was glad that the other boy came.

Come in why don't you, you idiotic!
Idiotic? that's what you think, do you?
Do you know how stupid you sound, empty?
Empty? But my glass is half full, Norman!

Norman Bigglesworth to you, little titch!
Titch? Dream on Biggles bumpkin you fat arse!
Arsenal is a football team, you loser!
Loser, bruiser, names don't hurt me Loser!

Loser? I think you're probably yellow!
Yellow, yes you coincidentally...

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Proper Joe's


  1. Just to set the record straight, may I take this opportunity to thank everybody for their concern, good wishes and prayers for my hospital visit yesterday. The good news for me is that I'm okay for now, but I have to go back in eighteen months for a further consultation.

  2. Andy, I have only recently met you at my blog, so my best wishes for your recovery. And Tiny Tree, I had to decipher that, but let's not be in a big rush to get to the real one, OK? Love from your new friend, Amy Barlow Liberatore
    Here's one of my usual rants!

  3. Another product of burning the midnight oil. Love the way you dreamt this one up... no way you could have written it while you were still awake... ;)

  4. Thanks Stan, you're right! midnight or thereabouts is the time I write. Thanks for giving me the fourteen letter word as a prompt: coincidentally.

    Hi Amy, thanks for your words! I saw your black-history-month piece, which was an excellent read, thank you!

  5. Sestinas are difficult; well done for this one.

  6. Thanks Tilly Bud, it's meant to be an acrostic, I'm not sure what the form is called - it's something I developed into a while back, it's set out like a sonnet but the last word on each line has to be the same or similar to the first word on the next line, also the Title and the first and last word are usually the same word too! If you want a Sestina please click my link 'Sewina Sestina' which you will find below the above piece.

  7. I admire your creativity and discipline! I'm so terribly undisciplined that I can never focus long enough to write in a structured form. This is so lively and just delightful.
    Sending healing thoughts your way,

  8. This was an exquisite piece of work!
    Two boys with big grins on their faces, pushing each other and insulting. was so in my mind i laughed so hard!
    Thank you so much!



  9. The picture you create is wonderful, highly visible and just plain fun. You had to have been laughing while you wrote it. Reminds me of something I heard between my son and his best friend, many years ago. They collapsed in laughter afterward.
    Thank you,


  10. Late at night? This looks like a poem created late at night, in a pub, and on a dare, which came out wonderfully right. I want to study your righting habits.

  11. A creative piece, Andy and I am glad that things went well at the doctor.


  12. I love the language and the smile it gave me. Sounds surreal and stream of consciousness, too.


  13. Love the complexity of the layered forms. Talent abounds!

    And...glad to know the trip to the doc was sans surgery!!



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