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Sunday 10 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 2011 Day Ten

The prompt at Sunday Scribblings today is Befuddled.

In the cobwebs of her mind
she can see to tell the time
if she could walk like you and me
she'd ride a bike and learn to ski
she writes the words that others read.

She builds castles in the sky
she knows the flowers by their smell
then today she said to me:
You know the grass is really green
and I can smell a yellow flower
is it growing on the ground
or is it hanging off a tree?

I told her that I saw it too
It's beautiful, a dandelion
there's more than one there's two or three
they're all growing on the ground
and there's blossom on this tree.

She said she's going to Africa
to feel a Water Buffalo
on a touching safari.
Mystified and befuddled
I asked her if she likes Giraffes?
That's how I know that she can laugh.

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  1. I just love this: Befuddled describes my state, most of the time - I've just stopped my husband putting his plate into the woodburner instead of the dishwasher! I too like dandelions.

  2. Poignant yet full of love and belonging..I am glad she can laugh..giraffes are great to make you laugh! Jae

  3. So touching! And so cool she can laugh! Thanks for sharing!

  4. There is so much more to this than meets the eye. I could imagine a child possibly disabled who was in love with life despite her difficulties that proves such an example to the writer and the reader.

    Great piece of work.

  5. Thanks Oldegg, If you click the title it takes you to the website of the person I wrote this about.

  6. I read her website and a little about the disease she has. Life is a solemn sadness, but I love the beauty and laughter you've mingled with it in this poem.

  7. There is so much affection in this; charming.

  8. that was LOVELY and brightened my day :)

  9. Thats a really good one Andy, so full of love and understanding and helpfulness in aiding someone to feel the joy of life. Great work!

  10. Lovely and uplifting. A touching safari sounds great. The deaf and blind school in my city brings in animal pelts for visually impaired kids to handle. It's a pretty cool deal. Thanks for this piece.

  11. Andy, this is absolutely delightful poem, a wonderful way to start my day. Thanks.


  12. It manages o be sad and happy at the same time.

  13. This made me smile...from the inside, out!

  14. I once wanted to give a gift to a blind man, who had befriended me, but he said he didn't need or want anything. So, I gave him a piece of the softest rabbit skin, someone else had given to me. He held it silently for many minutes, running his hand, palm down through that softness. Then broke into the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Your poem is filled with grace, and definitely hit a nerve. That memory is well over twenty years old. Thank you,


  15. This was a fun read. I've never known a pub-poet before and I'm so glad to get to know one now. I love dandelions and all things yellow so I identify somewhat with your subject.

  16. Loved these lines--She said she's going to Africa
    to feel a Water Buffalo
    on a touching safari.

    Great image.

  17. touching poem it shows the beauty in this persons world that they can see beauty in all around them.

  18. Touching piece... love the idea of touching safari. Giraffes would probably make me laugh too.


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