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Friday 29 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 2011 Day Twenty Nine

People buy tickets for most things these days
days at the races, football, and baseball
baseball boots, basketball, and basketballs
balls to kick and balls to throw at people.

Jon bought a ticket to fly to the moon
money well spent, said the salesman, I bet.
Better get your cup final ticket quick!
Quick quick quick, before they all sell out Jon.

No invitation to the royal do?
Do you want one? There's this bloke on Ebay!
Ebay Joe, they call him, Weddings & co.
Come on, put your hand in your pocket, no?

Habitat tickets for the spoil wedding
Wedding nun's trying to kick the habit.
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Day 29 2010
Day 29 2009


  1. One of these days mine will be the winning ticket...

  2. It's true - people somehow need tickets to almost everything nowadays. Nicely-written :-)

  3. Clever twists and turns in this poem, Andy. The wedding nun made me laugh out loud!

  4. I too like the wedding nun's trying to kick the habit. Not something I'm interested in. Does that mean I should go on Ebay and try to sell this ticket?


  5. Love the ending, Andy, thanks for the laugh.


  6. I don't know what you call this form, but you've done it well...and it was fun!

  7. The wedding nun? Is that like Rollerena, who used to dress up in drag in a nun's habit and skate her way through the Gay Pride Parades back in the 80s in NYC?!

    Loved this, Andy, especially the dig about the royal wedding. Great read. Amy

  8. You've found a niche in the market :)

  9. I bought my invitation from him.

  10. I did't think about Ebay for an invite to the wedding! Thanks for the tip. LOL This is a fun read and a good laugh at the extremes we go to to be gullible sometimes.

  11. Ha! That was fun!

    And thanks so much for participating in my latest Limerick-Off!


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