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Thursday 13 December 2007

TOP 10 Birds and Bonds

They say that every Dog has his day someday,
the top Dogs are the Stray Dogs that hunt in packs
they growl and travel a lot of ground until
the Dog Handler with the white van catches them
with his Shepherds Crook and takes them to the pound.

Alley Cats are king in the concrete jungle
each one has its own hunting zone. In Moss Side
the back alleyways are a litter strewn mess,
Rats, Mice and Cockroaches feed on rotten food.
When they’re hungry the Cats hunt from yard to yard.

We get Magpies, Seagulls and Robin Red Breasts
coming to visit now and then and Starlings.
One day I saw a flock of birds flying by
I only ever saw one nest in the park
and only then, in the top of a tall tree.

I saw a Squirrel once, climbing on our shed.
And Foxes, spotted in car headlights at night
crafty as they are they’re no match for the Cats.
As for the Pigeons, the Washing Machine Man
is the only one who feeds these birds and bonds.


  1. Great, I was really back in Manchester for a minute.

  2. This reads well, good characters in there

  3. You got lots of lovable creatures in there.


  4. what a lovely cornucopia of wildlife you presented for us with this...

    i have one cat,, and he is mean... tries to bite the hand that feeds him every day... but in his own way he loves me...... i guess....

  5. One day I saw a flock of birds flying by
    I only ever saw one nest in the park

    It always is this way ain't it?

  6. Full of energy and observation! Nice!

  7. love that you tie it all together with the washing machine man!

  8. To see a squirrel, only once. That spoke to me of an urban environment more than any other line.

  9. Nice interpretation of that prompt. Loved the ending.

    Mad Kane


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