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Wednesday 14 May 2008

Alabama Mama..

Mama once the pride of Alabama
She wants a place - she needs a place to stay
Maybe bed and board for a day or three
Hey, she keeps herself to herself no sweat
she won’t fight; she won’t get high as a kite
she won’t go down to Times Square late at night.

She’ll be at Pennsylvania station
On the train from the penitentiary
So, look out for Alabama Mama
Meet her there if you’ve got a room to spare.
She’ll be up with the lark, home before dark.
She’ll hang out and jog around Central Park
Won’t be under your feet or in your way…

The very first day she got out of jail
She went straight down to Times Square late at night.
Met phoney cronies got high as a kite
Tried to walk, talk New York, Al-a-bam-a!
Somebody hit her - somebody bit her
She got in a fight, what a fuss, a farce.
Yeah, but Alabama Mama’s alright!



  1. Hi Just Jen, Many thanks for thinking of me and my blog, the last award I got in the pub was a pint of beer - poured over my head!

    Alabama Mama? I think I deleted it by accident - I might have to re-write it and try to re-post.

  2. What goes round, comes round.

  3. Alright Sewwt Talker, help me out. I'm not getting it, and I read it last night and thought maybe if I waited until morning I'd would... I must be really dense. :S

  4. oops - that should be "SWEET" - that's what I get for trying to type with the twins climbing on me! :D

  5. This reads like a song..a good one at that!

    tunneled view

  6. hehehe songlike as you ever were

  7. Hi Sweettalkingguy,
    Alabama Mama..could be a song...
    I will not attempt to sing it though, as you really would not like my singing voice (LOL) ;-D

  8. Hi everybody, thanks for visiting, sorry I've been away so long but I'm back in town today! To all those who 'didn't get it' don't worry about it, I didn't either!

    Also, a big HELLO! to http://elgatolecter.blogspot.com who seem to have published Alabama Mama on their site - I hope your Spanish speakers liked it!


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