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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Myself"

Written for Sunday Scribblings.

Just to prove to myself that I don't know what I'm doing when I'm drunk.
I went out to the pub last night and had a couple of pints, of Rum!
I rolled home about two or three a.m. and crashed out on the sofa.
Some time later, I woke up, crawled up the wooden hill and went to bed.
It's not like me to get pissed so easily but when I do I zonk!
And when I zonk, I snore, so the sofa is the only place to go.
Sometimes the walls are paper thin, like in my house, then the whole gaff shakes!

I'd really like to have a date with you but don't let me near the Rum.
Or the Vodka or the Whisky or the whiskey or the G and T.
In fact, make me steer clear of the top shelf, don't let me near the vino.
The laughing gear is strong enough for me but it has to be hand pulled.
From the wood and gravity fed, I know they say: keg still does the trick.
But any Tom, Dick or Lazarus can get up after a few of them!
Forgive me Father, for getting Brahms, It's been a Rum time since my last...


  1. Love the wooden hill! Nice description. Okay, I'm sorry if you have a hangover, but I'm laughing here. BJ

  2. Thanks B, I do still have a hangover and I don't know what time it is as the clocks went forwards here this morning or was it backwards? Anyway, I'm glad someone is laughing!

  3. a fine prayer!
    (i can tell when i have been snoring when i wake with a sore throat.)

  4. Thanks Jack, I just have a sore head, where somebody's been hitting me!

  5. I'd better not tell you about Lao Khao, especially the local version!
    2 shots of it have been known to cause 'zonking'.

  6. Hi Stan, I wont try that then.

    I was just watching tv tonight waiting for the football highlights to come on and Stephan Fry was in Minnesota where they have a large population of people from Laos and Vietnan that settled in the US after the Vietnan war. And the woman he was interviewing said that a lot of the men from her community had died in their sleep and many others had been saved by their wives who woke them up when they realised something was wrong. And the story was that these guys were trying to dream themselves back to Laos, the ones who died were the ones who succeeded. Weird or what?

  7. I prefer three fingers of Macallan or one each of the blessed trinity: Guinness, Murphy's and Beamish. We moved to a new state and I can't find the latter two out here. Perhaps they closed up shop and said, "well, Aut's left us. No reason to go on."

  8. I could never take any shorts except whisky. Gin, rum, anything else, and I was gone. Whisky never touched me - I never got drunk.
    In 1982 I made a decision - this whisky stuff gives no pain, so what is it doing to me?
    Not a drop of spirit has passed my lips since, and never will. As for beer? Well, that's a different matter ....

  9. Hi Autrice, You can't beat a good malt whisky and I hear Macallan fits the bill. As for the Irish stout I'm sure Murphy's and Beamish are still in business, we went over to Dublin recently and had a little taste of the Liffy Water on draught.

  10. Hi Anthony, I think you probably made the right decision, you can't go far wrong with the beer. I was only drinking Rum because I hate lying to my doctor when he says 'how much beer do you drink?'

  11. LOl you are forgiving. Too funny love this post.

  12. Hi Jadey, thanks for forgiving me, I presume that's what you meant. I'm on the way over to your blog right now!

  13. Been there done that, like Ringo's song "I'm tired waking up on the floor". Better you then me. (your younger, you recover faster.) I just bought Stephen Fry's "the Ode Less Travelled" in hope that I can improve (learn) my ability to write better (more) poems. Can you think of better books to help me?

  14. Hi Gamol, thanks for the comment! I'm sure the Stephen Fry book is good but I don't know it, I'm sure you don't need any help from me with your poetry, your valentine poem and the first world war footy match are excellent!


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