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Thursday 8 January 2009

TOP prompt

Slow right down stop.
Think, pick up the pencil
re-write what you quote, unquote wrote.
That's right!
And what
you've just written,
will be, cliche, all right
on the night. Or so they tell me,


  1. LOL. Of course, it is. Lemon Squeezy! Love it!

  2. Everything's easy if you really want to do it.

  3. Hi Gautami, it's easy peasey lemon squeezy!

    Thanks Sue@Tumblewords, it is!

    Hi Anthony, everything? Honestly? You must know something I don't! Loved reading your Miss Molly poem today!

  4. This is great fun and was it really 'easy peasey lemon squeezy' to write?
    I'm still thinking about a quartina or tritina (hate sestinas)...guess I should follow you and Sue along the optional route.

  5. haha! lol.

    i think so. its easy.

  6. I never realised it is so easy. Wonderful :D

  7. Hi Carole, they say if its easy you're probably doing it wrong. I tried the sestina and quite enjoyed doing it but it wasn't really saying anything (to me) it was all form over fun, so I abandoned it for now, but I'm toying with the idea of the Quartina - that's not an old car is it?

  8. Hi Totomai, Life's not easy, is it?

    Thanks Jeeves, it's an easy formula to remember, the trick is of course to keep on doing it - when is a poem ever finished? in my mind things continue to evolve, so the format becomes a mantra - "rewrite what you wrote, rewrite what you wrote,..."

    Everybody: Life is not easy, no not easy no more / Life is not easy no not easy for sure / It's better to have scored and lost than never to have played football / Life is not easy, no not easy no more.

  9. Love all the sounds and wordplay in here!

    yes, sometimes it's so simple dimple while at other times....grrrr!

  10. Thanks Linda, I'm still working on my sestina, which is already looking more like a Quartina... anyway!

  11. OK you really did make this prompt easy! I agonized and worked my brain on high for days. I am jealous.

  12. Hi Pam, love your Quartina, the difference is you succeeded and I only took the totally optional route. Full marks to you!


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