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Thursday, 16 April 2009

NaPoWriMo (16) Totally Optional Prompts

Written for Totally Optional Prompts
and NaPoWriMo day sixteen

Haunted House Picture
My son Jack and his bandmates Daniel and Branko
are in the pictures. You can click on the first photo
to see the next one etc. There are eleven pictures.

You wouldn't want
stay there
for the night

You wouldn't want
to stay there
for too long

The Haunted
House Hotel -
I don't think so

The windows
are bricked up
just like the doors

And nothing's
changed for twenty
years or more

Nic asked if we
could buy it
once but no

The powers
that be said:
it's listed you see

and ordinary
folks can't live
with ghosts

you'll have to
stay back there
across the road


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  1. Your son is so handsome! And I really like your haunted house poem!

    (As a high school English teacher I'm kind of partial to teenagers!lol)

  2. aaah!
    "And nothing's
    changed for twenty
    years or more"
    Its amazing how to stumble upon such place where every single object abandoned holds history in a way. I love this, and the pictures are just very moody too, just love it!

  3. Oh, I just love haunted houses. You've maybe guessed that with all my work on the paranormal :-)

  4. just perfect poem !! the pics match it so well !!

    ps: you do have a handsome son !! looks like he got the creativity too ;)

  5. Love the words - I must be the only person who can't see the pictures. I'm going to sneak back when they least expect me and try again.

  6. across the street the boogey man lives... love it... couldn't see the photos either... so my imagination will hafta do...


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