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Friday 1 May 2009

NaPoWriMo April 2009

It's been an interesting month, and I've managed to both read and write a lot of new poetry. The idea of napowrimo is for poets to write a poem a day, for the thirty days of April. Napowrimo stands for national poetry writing month, and is of course an American thing. I took part in it this year, but tried to keep a low key, apart from posting a new poem each day, on this blog. I say that it's been an interesting month because, although my poetry wasn't brilliant, I did manage to dream up The American Sandwich game, and set up a new blog for it. This of course was directly inspired by my participating in napowrimo. So, congratulations to everybody who took part this year, and to those who didn't, I thoroughly recommend that you have a go next year.
-Andy Sewina


  1. Andy,
    I have given you a Kreativ Blogger award. To find out what is involved, please visit Watermaid's Weblog.

  2. Congrats on the American Sandwich Game. Superb fun. And hearty congrats on writing a poem a day. That is some achievement.

  3. I truly had fun writing 30 poems in 30 days.

    Even though I lost my other blog, I don't feel so bad.

    It has been good to write along with you.

  4. Hi Carole, many thanks for the award.

  5. Thanks Dave, I really appreciate that!

    Hi Gautami, I enjoyed it too, and we had some fun!

  6. Now can we have Indian Spice?


  7. Hi Gautami, that sounds like a hot date - anytime, your place or mine?


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