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Thursday 30 April 2009

NaPoWriMo (30) Totally Optional Prompts

Written for Totally Optional Prompts - Exercise
and NaPoWriMo day thirty

The American Sandwich game... Flash Fiction in 51 syllables, with a poetic filling.

Write a piece of flash fiction in just three American Sentences.
Allen Ginsberg's American Sentence has seventeen syllables.
Your task is to use as few words as possible to fill the sandwich.

Here's mine:

She threw a pail of ball pond balls, from Toys No Fuss, all over the floor.
Stretching like a potato picker, she snatched them up, two at a time.
She continued to do this, until she had had enough exercise.


It's never too late to take The NaiSaiKu Challenge?


  1. You do make yummy sandwiches.

    Maybe if she tried household work...wouldn't that be exercise enough?

    BTW, I too wrote 30 poems although I had not signed up anywhere for it.

    It sure feels good.

  2. Well done Andy! Your sandwiches are getting more and more inventive.

    ...ant hey, Gautami, we are the gatecrashers from other time zones.

  3. That sounds like a lot of exercise.
    By the way, I'll be starting sandwich making from next week.

  4. Thanks Gautami, how do I make her do the housework?
    Congrats on completing napowrimo!

    Thanks Carole, this is only the start, hopefully!

    Hi Tony, can't wait to try one of your sandwiches!

  5. Sandwitches!! Hmmm... really sweet ones... I need to learn so much now!!

    BTW, where is my blog in your list? I kept searching for a long time... I thought it would be there somewhere, but then ... no!! Not yet!!

  6. Hi Tan, I can put a link to you ,no problem, you are already linked on The NaiSaiKu Challenge? site.

  7. Strong sandwich. A bucket of exercise. Nice!

  8. Phew! I knew it...Play is the new Work...only it's much harder!!!

  9. 'stretching like a potato picker' cool! that was my favorite part - I've never heard of the 'sandwich' thing - I might need to try it...

  10. The matchless phrase, is pleasant to me :)


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