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Saturday 17 April 2010

NaPoWriMo 2010 Day 17

Look at you! Writing past the half-way mark! Today, Neil Reid invites us to keep going by writing about the elements:
Let’s be elemental. Fire, earth, water, wind. They touch our lives every day. Choose one that interests you, then take a point of view that is not so much your usual. Observe what interaction you’ve known, or not known, with this element.
You might make it personal or take the element’s point of view (how might humans appear to you from that stance?) or wander where you may. Tell us something about your element that we don’t know.
You’re welcome to make your own rules, and as always, the most important point is simply to write and share, however it comes your way! Have fun!

Written for my Great great great Grandma Mrs Butcher who ran the Turkish Baths

Dehydrated looking for more planets
Planets with water is what they’re after
After all the plants on earth need it too
Too many people are dehydrated

Worlds apart living in the same city
Cities this side of Eden verses them
Them that have clean water and them that don’t
Don’t you know we live in different worlds

Jill complains when the kettle doesn’t boil
Boils a pan of water and makes some steam
Steams the envelope open reads Jacks news
News that he doesn’t need to know thinks Jill

Bathing there tethered by her apron strings
Strung to her mother and her grandmother
Grandmothers grandmother Misses Butcher
Butcher Baker who ran the Turkish bath

Mains water made the difference back then
Then more so than now H2O on tap
Tap the lead pipe and cold water showers
Showers through the home drilled rose from the mains

Half the third world are dying from the drought
Drought where only snakes rattle in the well
Well then who turned the water into wine
Whine all you like but don’t do things by half

Yeah she might be tied to the kitchen sink
Sink or swim a little the water’s wet
Wet behind the ears the dishwasher hums
Hums the hymns of Christendom humbug yeah



  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to post, I just couldn't get the formatting right, I wanted to put a link to Mrs Butcher who ran the Turkish bath, but I don't think I'll chance it now, maybe I'll put it in a comment if you call back. Thanks for reading...

  2. Great structure to this piece Andy. And the references to water are made as only you know how.

  3. Thanks Stan, although the only well water I drink these days is hand drawn and gravity fed.

    Here's the link to our great great great grandmother - Mrs Butcher who ran the Turkish bath. Mrs Butcher

  4. Thanks for that Andy - I thought I rembered you saying something about that.
    It's only bottled for me here. The rest is all un-well water as far as I'm concerned.

  5. indeed WATER...SO BLESSED here pure glacier water running out of the moutains to our tank ands into our house....so good and unbelievable.....and as usual great poem..thanks for this


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