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Tuesday 11 May 2010


Written for and posted to POW Prompt 2
Here's the prompt.

Here's mine:
I used one of the rhymes from my playscript Music Street...


Down on the street where
the puppy dogs meet and
the big dogs mate.

I had my first date
with saucy young Kate.

By the back alley where
Gordon met his fate, that's
where the rats come up for air...

She asked, if I loved her?
of course I said, yeah!

...so watch your ankles if
you're strolling down there,
and pull your hat down over
your eyes or you'll think it's
snowing when the pigeons fly.

She kissed me and hugged me
and told me, she loved me!

I guess that's why the boys
wear boots on Music Street...

Blue midnight was, never quite
ever, the same after that!

...they're no good for dancing
but they keep your ankles
strapped to your feet.

smoke blew
blew smoke
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  1. Great stuff - I'll be sure to wear boots next time I walk down Music Street.

  2. Hey was that Gordon Brown?Bet you can dance in your boots with those sturdy Anglo legs:)

  3. Hi Stan, Music Street is buried underneath Manchester Arndale Centre, but you can still see it if you know where to look, Rats!

    Hi Rall, they've got rats as big as cats down there!

  4. Andy,
    Excellent piece for the prompt. And do they really have rats the size of cats down there? They do in NYC too.

  5. fun piece. love those little rhymes sprinkled around. But I do worry about poor Kate, kissing and hugging with the rats and all.

  6. Hi Andy,

    Great beat on this Music Street! Enjoyed reading.

  7. Hi Pamela, yeah, the rats are massive, the down and outs call them 'mattress munchers', you need more than boots really, but the worst thing is they get in the basements, and that's where all the hotels and restaurants have their kitchens. Gordon (Blue) was a play on Cordon Bleu.

  8. Hi Braircat, I think Kate'll be okay, 'cos it's a modern shopping Mall these days, the time I was writing about in the non-italics was the bad old days...

    Thanks Derrick, I wrote the Music Street bit many years ago.

  9. Hi Andy,

    With rats down below and pigeons on high, their love will be put to the test. This was a fun read.

    As far as the PayPal question, I'm not really sure. I think that you can get payments with just the basic account, but I haven't had the opportunity yet to test that out :).

  10. Good read, Andy! Pigeons and rats and crap so thick you need boots? That's the story of love, eh?

  11. Thanks Francis, I'm still trying to figure out the Paypal thing, I'll get back to you if I can reopen my account.

  12. This is a fun take on Rall's prompt, Andy! Music Street sounds like a happening kind of place!

  13. Thanks Marianne, Music Street was the place to be seen, before they built the shopping mall.

  14. Andy, like the musical quality of this, so if you or any of your pals speak that language then I hear a song coming on, or a new show tune?

  15. Hi J.D. the non italic bit is from a play I wrote called 'Music Street'. Thanks for commenting.

  16. nicely done....i had rats in my poem also...and no rats up her in the mountains.....just bears...cougars...coyotes...wolves...and dam gophers in our pasteur...thanks for sharing this

  17. Cool, crazy beat to your poem.


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