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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

About the FlameThrower!

I've been writing these daft poems for a couple of years now and the best name I can conjure up for them is FlameThrower! I have done several versions of them, but I think I may now have a form.
There was one I wrote for last years NaPoWriMo, that I really liked, but at seven four line stanza's, I think it's not quite what I'm looking for as a form. It was a bit different from the ones I've been writing this April because each four line stanza was a complete mini-flame-thrower by itself.
Some of the recent FlameThrower! posts I have made, like Coincidentally have had an acrostic word inbedded in them. I also toyed with the idea of an acrostic anagram, but I think that may well be a bridge too far.
The other inconsistancy, is the fact that some of my FlameThrower's are twelve lines long while others have fourteen. In the case of the seven stanza FT there are of course twenty-eight lines.
However, I have decided that my FT's look best with three four line stanza's and a two line conclusion, giving me a total line count of fourteen.
Each line has ten syllables, that's always been the case and that's the way I think it should stay.
So what's the conclusion? Well the problem is, I haven't reached one yet. I intend to write a few more samples of the FlameThrower! form before the end of this April's NaPoWriMo, and after that I will publish my conclusion sometime during the first week of May.

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