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Thursday 21 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 2011 Day Twenty One

My Ghazal attempt as prompted at NaPoWriMo.net

Here's one I wrote some time ago from a slightly different set of rules to the one I wrote today.

There's someone like you that he likes to meet late at night.
She puts on her face and her dancing feet late at night.

Late and later all the better he loves to date her,
dancing to, rocking to, socking the beat late at night.

The beautiful truth comes out when she opens her mouth
to speak in his ear, and her smile's so sweet late at night.

Close and closer all the better, he loves to get to
her red hot body, he can feel the heat late at night.

Natasha is dancing, she rewinds her mind, only
to find, that her lover is such a cheat late at night.
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Day 21 2010
Day21 2009


  1. I wrote a different Ghazal in 2008, to a different set of rules, I've just re-read it and figured out that the end line rhyme on the first line of each couplet rhymes with the word in the centre of the second line in the same couplet.Phew! Kiss

  2. I read the poem before I read the notes about the form. I like it. So I may try to see what I can do with the Ghazal.

  3. A good ghazal, as far as I'm concerned.

    The extraneous matter spoils it a little, however. Can't you blank it out with white?

  4. Clever anagram in the last stanza... the little devil!

  5. Thanks Tilly, I think I've fixed it, it reads okay in Mozilla Firefox, but Internet Explorer says I've got errors on the page, something's contaminated somewhere.

  6. I was feeling the heat late last night... but, no, you wouldn't be interested in hearing about that - would you?

  7. Very good ghazal. Shame about the cheating bloke, it was going swimmingly up to then. I couldn 't find the anagram, but I am notoriously dense.

  8. Aha Stan, I thought you might spot it, it's what they call a veiled reference in Ghazal speak.

  9. Excellent ghazal, Andy, and I like Viv, can't find the anagram. I must read it again:)


  10. What a great ghazal. What a cheater! I'm glad she knows it. See, I really got into this story.

  11. I, like Judy, got wrapped up in the story. Wonderful rhythm.

  12. Excellent, Andy. I would say you have mastered the ghazal!

  13. Excellent! You make it look easy! I know it's not!!!

  14. I'm not familiar with that form but I enjoyed it.


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