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Monday, 20 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #20 coronavirus 25

Mundane Monday the government
spokesman chokes he's another mug
he screams and shouts it out
we have been guided at all times
he cries lies more lies to cover up lies

blinded by science scientific advisors
don't blame the dog that guides you
hark at him barking up his own tree
there is a better way to live these days
without lies more lies to get by

for he knows not what we want
or how to separate the need from the greed
whatever happened to the PPE
I saw them squirming on the BBC
lies more lies to cover up more lies

Who's the lady with Mundane Monday
dressed much the same as yesterday
she smiles and everything seems fine
from Mannamead to Mutley Plain
for her to cover up lies with more lies

Boys and girls husbands and wives
stay home protect the NHS save lives
blast it from the rooftops baby
political lies surprise more lies
Mutley Plain is much the same

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