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Thursday 6 December 2007


I’m the king of
the concrete jungle.
I’m the jam jar VIP.
I drive about in my Jaguar
Little old lion cub me.
I swing from street light
To traffic light through
the forest of road signs
From Cricklewood to Brentwood
not far as the crow flies
But to negotiate the
North Circ. at rush hour
I might well pack a pic-nic
and spend the night away.
I drove past Kelvedon Hatch
today and until I saw
the road sign I never
knew that that meant that,
but everyone knows now.
Which only goes to
show you can’t keep a
Secret Nuclear Bunker
secret and write it
on the wall.
Clink-the-link- HERE For the full history of this Secret Nuclear Bunker.


  1. Oh my, how funny is this? I'm assuming this is fact and desperately hoping it isn't! Great poetry, love the rhythm and the movement.

  2. Wonderful trip to the ending, and the ending adds so much more meaning.

  3. Thanks Tumblewords, Yeah it is pretty much fact. I used to do computer timed deliveries in Essex and North and East London and the traffic was horrendous. The Secret Nuclear Bunker was still a secret in those days. To me anyway!

  4. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for visiting SweetTalkingGuy
    I had so many ideas in my head from your prompt but I found it hard to put them together this week. Maybe I'll use the idea again in the future. Anyway...

  5. Your verses are so much realistic! This flows very well.


  6. Your piece was fresh and engaging... and that damned sign is a hoot!! ;)

  7. Very cool sign, very cool poem.

  8. It takes a poet. Was' your sign? (^-x)

  9. Thanks for visiting, Gautami, Rob and Jo.
    Alan, maybe you're thinking of the quantum theory poets - mine's all fact, sort of!

  10. well i am left wondering how many decades it stood there and no one knew what it was.... very interesting... and well written too!!!!!

  11. Thanks Paisley, That's a good question - at a guess I'd say it was built in the 1950's - but that's a pure guess.

  12. I've found a website dealing with the history etc. of this Bunker. I've posted a clickable link on the bottom of my posting for anyone who's interested.

  13. Love all the peetic devices in here! Very cool and that sign! too funny!

  14. I like the rhythm in the poem and the roadsign is amazing really, made me laugh though its scary too


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