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Tuesday 4 December 2007

WI-13 The Promise

You sent a text to my dog ‘n’ bone
didn’t understand a thing you wrote
I called you on your home trombone
got a message saying try cell phone
I clocked you on the apples an’ pears.
Later mate, I’m in a right two an’ eight.
Good job I didn’t wanna make a date
I promise you I would be late!


  1. Must remember this one for my mates down the rub-a-dub!The other night I was late meeting the trouble and strife down the frog and toad for a ruby.

  2. Gautami, Jo, D Sinclair, Rambler - thanks for visiting - I'm still trying to work my way round everybody on the Island!

    Hi Keith, We live close to the curry mile in Manchester and I had a curry just down the road from the pub - but I wouldn't take the wife!

  3. it is very cute,, but i am afraid for this strictly american girl you will need a translator!!!!!

  4. Oh, I agree with paisley! It had a meter for sure, but I don't quite 'get it.'

  5. Hi Paisley and Mary,
    there are a few bits of rhyming slang I'll try and enlighten you.
    dog 'n' bone = telephone
    trombone = telephone
    apples an' pears = stairs
    two and eight = state
    clocked = clock face, saw your face
    Hope this helps!

  6. cute.. and so rhythmic... i can hear the rhythm in my mind... loved it!!

  7. Another poem to love, I promise!

  8. with music, i would love to hear it sung -ah curry and manchester - you bring back so many memories from over a decade ago. Thanks.


  9. This was fun. Like a puzzle!

    I'd gone online to the urban dictionary to figure out what you'd said -- and I was able to do so.

    The I saw you'd supplied the 'definitions' in the comments section. Cool post!

  10. That had a nice, fun rhythm to it. It felt like you could turn it into a rap song.
    Mad Kane


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