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Monday 28 January 2008

Writers Island.. Desire.

To my secret lover just to let you know,
that I can't live without my girlfriend
'cos I love her so!
How I wish that she was near -
how I dream that she was here.
So I could whisper in her ear:
Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet nothings!
That only she can hear.
Lots of pots and pans of love
and pockets overflowing...
But without my girlfriend near -
but without my lover here,
there ain't no way of knowing:
Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet nothings!
That only she can hear.
From your secret love...
Guess who?
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  1. Well, it can't be me! Lovely words mate. You are on old romantic at heart!

  2. thats a sweet poem...romantic in its own way :)

  3. This seems to be desire expressed in writing that will not be expressed in words to the person.

  4. Nifty! I would be delighted if I got a poem like that. :)

  5. I think your poem complements mine..


    Housing my soul

  6. Sing it, sing it! Desire and romance make a good combo!


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