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Thursday 14 February 2008

TOP Letter to the editor.

For attention of
Mister T Rex, Editor.
Dear Sir, Or should that be Sire? for you see in my book, T Rex is King.
Anyway, I dug up this big thing, the other day in the Jura.
I thought it was a dead hound at first, but then I found this massive tooth.
And the first thing I thought about was you and your dead good magazine.
I read it all the time man, sorry I mean Sir, or should that be Sire?
I'm only asking 'cos it's polite and good manners to enquire.
So anyway, let me get down to the gist of it, I wrote a rhyme.
It was a poem about my find, and I took a photo for it too.
I thought you just might publish it, like Totally Optional Prompts do.
It starts like this - Don't talk to me about dinosaur bones, hell I've got...
It's all in the package that I sent to you, hey did you hear about...?

Oh No, you didn't think it was a bomb did you? I heard about the blast...


  1. Andy, that is brilliant! I had to read this twice.

    remnant of violence staring of naught

  2. How fun is this? Absolutely. Love it and all its ramifications.

  3. well the original on which you based this was a must read!!!! i spend to much frickin' time at the excavation site,, and need to get my happy ass into the present day... lovely reminder,, and the letter to the editor was a hoot too.......

  4. i have to agree with all the nice ladies above andy. this one is actually quite reasonable. i like the rhymes and repetitions of sounds in the middle of lines, rather than end of them. bravo.

  5. Subtle, but explosive :-)

  6. This was a clever piece - I, too, like the rhyme in the middle. Innovative!

  7. Thanks to everybody for taking the time to post a comment, It really does make it all worth while.

  8. People should read this.

  9. Thanks Amara, I'm glad you got to read it anyway!


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