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Saturday 12 April 2008

Flight.. Writers Island #30

If you can talk
you can fly...
That's what the
high fliers tell me.
They're floating man,
when they communicate.
Poets are like that.
Give them a quill,
some ink,
a moment to think!
And their imagination
takes off.


  1. I need a little more than a moment to think when I attempt a poem! And I stupidly accepted a challenge to write a poem a day during April! 12 down 18 to go!

  2. You said all for us, poets! Thanks!

    children's day out

  3. I love the tone of this poem! Very nice. :)

  4. Sometimes inspiration can be like that. And isn't that a wonderful moment?


  5. It is that way for writers of short stories too - I wish I could write poetry but it is just not my thing. Stop by my Slice of Life Sunday and see if one of the prompts inspire you.

  6. Inspiration is what it's all about.
    Well said.

  7. if you are talking business you are totally right,,if you can talk you can fly :)

  8. I detect a slight tinge of sarcasm behind your pen! But charming nevertheless!


  9. Hi Keith, good luck with NaPoWriMo.

    Thanks Gautami, Childrens day out had quite a twist at the end!

    Thanks Linda.

    Thanks Constance, I love your profile picture..

    Hi Geraldine, Don't you just love that 'take~off' moment?

    CH, Imagination is such a wonderful thing!

    Hi Anthony, Inspiration? Now that's a thing!

    Hi Rambler, Yeah, they're the 'salesmen' just to stay alive!

    GT, me sarcastic? I'm just a sweet talking guy...

    Thanks Crafty Green, it was fun to post too!

  10. Sometimes. Sometimes there's just a dull thud. Neat post!

  11. I like that a lot!

  12. So true ! Most often all it takes its an idea to 'wing ' its way into your head ...

    But sometimes one can be bogged down by "air traffic congestion" too :P

    Thanks for your visit. :)

  13. Thanks Tumblewords. There's usually a dull thud here, when I fall off my perch!

    Hi Mad, thanks for the kind words.

    Shubd07, yeah, I get the airport blues too!

  14. A moment to think.... sometimes my moments turn into hours and I wonder where the time went. :D

    Very fun post - you are a sweet talker, aren't ya? ;)

  15. What a dull existance we'd lead without poets and imagination.

  16. Having read this, I have a clearer idea of what you meant by 'floating' in your comment on mine so 'thank you'. Your poem has a lovely lucidity in its conversational tone.

  17. Hi Texasblu, I'm a blu' too! wanna know more?

    Hi Reminan, how true.. I clinked-the-link to your Dad's work, great poetry!

    Watermaid, Yeah, you're a real highflier!

  18. Well I know my imagination really does take off and then I have the problem of landing!! (lol)
    Thank you for visiting me and for your comments on my blog! ;-)

  19. Stacey, yeah landing is the next big thing to deal with..

    Texasblu, Hi, I'm a superblu! you see in Manchester (where I live) you are either a red or a blue. Red is Uni-ted, blue is City!
    Of course I'm talking football (soccer). (yawn..)


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