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Saturday 5 July 2008

Brians prompt #1 "GOOD" & Farewell to Writers Island (for now)

Brian has put a poetry prompt on his blog,
he says: write about something, someone, someplace that represents Good in your life.
My responce is below.
Wanna have a go? clink-the-link-Here.

I know where all
the good sports
live in Salford.
Bobby's got an
Simon drives a
Porsche Carrera
that's simple
to remember.
Jackie's got
an XJS
and Bobby's
brother has an
E-type under wraps.
I haven't seen a
Frog eyed Sprite
but there's a TR6
going to waste
in Weaste.
And in Seedley
Pete the stud
drives his Stag
on nights out
with the boys.
Like I said
I know where all
the good sports
live in Salford.
Previously published in Cowardy Custard's Last Stand in Salford (c) Danny Wise 1992
and posted in StraightTalkingStreetTalkingSweetTalkingGuy.. my pub-poetry archive.


  1. Enjoyed that! But one criticism. No Lotus?

  2. ...and why didn't you mention my Sunbeam Tiger? But a lovely nostalgic post all the same.

  3. Hi Anthony, my mate in those days actually drove a Lotus Elan, trouble was he didn't live in Salford.

    Hi Hsramblings, The Sunbeam Tiger? That sounds like a really good sport!

  4. Hi Keith, Just been over to Google some Sunbeam Tigers - lovely car and yes I remember them now, although from what I just read on one car site, they only made seven thousand and odd. So pretty rare!

  5. Never been into cars although I like the styling of many.

    Thanks for the link and I hope you race over this Friday for the next Rockin' Chair Writers prompt.

  6. Interesting blog! I'm going to have to do more visiting...thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet :)

  7. Thanks for visiting Riccie - I like to get out and about, sometimes..


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