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Wednesday 24 September 2008

RWP #45 word fishing

These are my word fishing words

1. Roger McGough You and Your Strange Ways undersides

2. Anne-Marie Thompson Milkyway Moon camouflage

3. Adrian Henri Love Is… fanclub

4. Lemn Sissay Live Man Die (City Sigh) slick

5. Brian Patten On The Dawn Boat warnings


I applied to join your fanclub

Who knows which way it will take me

First I slide down the undersides

Then I get back into the groove

I’m really moving oh so slick

Automatic pilot now girl

There’s no need to heed the warnings

Flying high above the city

You alone are my camouflage

I’m so glad you let me join you

Word fishing in another world

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  1. Good use of the prompt words - and a dark-ish suggestion that we can hide behind our heroes to justify our actions - or just to hide.

  2. Yeah, I think the prompt was/is the thing here it is simply an exercise.

  3. I came originally from the north west and I really enjoyed this, especially the way you turned the prompt back on itself.

  4. Thanks Watermaid!

  5. I did not go for fishing but I went for internal rhyming.


  6. Thanks Gautami, I think I just needed the exercise! perhaps..

  7. Nice use of the prompt. But, I kinda doubt there's much word fishing going on here. More like getting down to the fun stuff. Well done. Have a nice day.

  8. Hi Michelle, I always thought fishing was meant to be fun!

  9. This has some great rhythm in it.

  10. I like the idea of fishing for words in another world, above the clouds.

  11. Thanks Nathan!

    Hi Christine, it's weird isn't it?

    Hi Dave, many thanks for the comment.

  12. I like the idea you've used for word fishing in the last line and you've responded to the prompt very creatively.

  13. Thanks Crafty Green!


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