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Tuesday 13 April 2010

NaPoWriMo 2010 Day 13

I'm going to give you something a little different today. I was thinking about time, and how you can stop the clock from ticking. You need to mix a little imagination with a little known fact to achieve this goal. Doktir Nairobi once told me that 'You are where you think you are' and I've always found this to be true. He also gave me a meditative mantra: 'Think about Month 60' .
Now Month 60, can be used for many things, and in this application we're going to examine (briefly) how to time travel backwards. Okay, with your eyes closed, I want you to think about Month 60, in the background you can hear a clock ticking, I want you to de-tune and mentally stop that clock from ticking. Then I want you to imagine a clock face, it can be any clock face, and I want you to watch the minute hand.
With your eyes still closed, I want you to repeat the mantra, the minute hand on the clock face will now start moving at the speed of the second hand. The second hand remains stopped. (Don't worry if you can still hear the clock ticking. Just imagine the ticking as being the speed of sound.) Now as time speeds up, each minute becomes one hour, and very soon it begins to get dark, or light, depending on what time of day you are doing this. In just five minutes, you have travelled five hours back in time. You didn't even move, time moved on without you, and when you open your eyes, and blink, you'll be right back where you started.
Month 60 is sometimes called the sixty day month or cycle, and many business people use it as a secret marketing tool. They don't know why it works for them, it just does, and it never fails. You can test it yourself, if you have a company or charity newsletter to publish, don't go the monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly route. Simply publish it every sixty days, you'll be amazed as your circulation explodes. The other application is to publish a daily, it could be a newspaper, or a news bulletin. Or just a poem or a blog entry - the trick is to publish exactly 24 hours between each one. When you stop the clock from ticking, Month 60 is exactly twenty four hours.
If you're selling books, you can leave them on display for sixty days, and then refresh the stock. The people who do this, take them to non-bookshop outlets and leave them with retailers on a sale or return basis. They then go back with new stock on the sixtieth day, and collect 50% of the sales money. The sales pitch to the retailer is: Are you interested in 100% lines?
The books? They just sell themselves. Think of Month 60!




Mandy say’s, I can’t stop time.

Oh, but you can stop it ticking.

Not that anyone would want to.

They wouldn’t would they, why?

How about time travel backwards?

She didn’t know what to think!

I don’t think it’s possible, is it?

Xenophanes never mentioned it…

Think about Month 60, stop the clock.

You’re moving backwards, 24 hours.


  1. It is very interesting that has published ! Began to read and i have already lost the order....greetings !

  2. I thought of Month 60 and it is now yesterday - why can i see what you wrote the day after today?

  3. Month 60 - love the prose and poem.


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