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Friday 2 March 2012

Haiku Challenge 2012 - Conclusion

Haiku Challenge
This has been a learning curve for most of us, and a very enjoyable one. It was good to meet new blogging friends and to reacquaint with others from previous challenges. Some of the prompts were tough, but that's what a challenge is about. It was good to be stretched a little and to have to think about subjects that we wouldn't normally write about.
I'll be adding a few things to this post over the next couple of weeks. I believe SiS (Someone is Special) is going to hand out some prizes to different challengers, I'll tell you more about this when I find out myself.
He watches the clock
The second hand moves slowly
UPDATE (11March 2012)
Congratulations to the Haiku King - Ramesh and Congratulations to the Haiku Queen - Grace. Also, may I extend the congratulations to everyone who took part in this challenge, and to those that completed it - Well Done!!!
Here's the rest of the winners:

The Cheerful Challenger:
Becca of "On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea"
Star Newbie:
Asni of “A Walk in My Heart“
Favorite Challenger:
Pranali of “Blank Verses and Invisible Lines“
The First Sweet Challenger:
Leo of “I Rhyme without Reason“
The Last Sweet Challenger:
Blossom Vydrina of “The Otter’s Holt“
Haiku Challenge February 2012
Winners Highlights

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