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Friday 2 March 2012

Something New.. Quatern - One

I saw this post on Mad Kane's blog earlier and I thought,
this is right up my street, so I'm going to give it a whirl.
Writer's Digest are running a competition of sorts on their bloggage, I tried to join once, as you have to be a member to post on their site, but I don't have cookies or I eat the wrong sort of biscuits or something, but try as I might they won't let me join, so I'll settle for a chocolate digestive instead, and post my piece here.
Okay, I think I've finally managed to join the Writer's Digest site, my comment hasn't come up yet, but I finally managed to log in and out. They've got some good stuff over there, so I reckon they're well worth a look. I just hope you don't have as much trouble as I did signing up.

Rock 'n' roll no no it don't rock
It stops an' starts and moans an' groans
It comes an' goes and groans an' moans
And that's just down the telephone

So I tune the radio in
Rock 'n' roll no no it don't rock
It sizzles and giggles like pop
Snap crackle an' DJ please stop

MC Spanner undo my nut
I ain't got time for no short cut
Rock 'n' roll no no it don't rock
When you scritch it like that scratch it

Spin the sounds beat box back beat rap
Call it a wrap rewind the clock
It's time to bury the hatchet
Rock 'n' roll no no it don't rock


  1. Hi Andy I have something for you on my blog,


  2. This is the best one I've read, so far. I like the way it rocks and rhymes.


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