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Tuesday 31 March 2020

napowrimo 2020 introduction coronavirus 9


Never say never again, because here we are, here I am sitting down in anticipation of completing my twelfth year of napowrimo, the thirty poems in thirty days challenge during the month of April.

This year of course we have the additional worldwide threat of Coronavirus hanging over all of us.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy napowrimo 2020 and to leave you with a little taster of what is to come.

Coronavirus 9
everything's gonna be fine blah blah
misinformation disinformation
confusion illusion
and anything else ending
in iron yon or shone blah blah blah
blues false news penny chews
situation frustration
intimidation constipation
all these may or may not be
symptoms of immunity
blah blah blah di blah blah blah

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