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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #8 coronavirus 15

They come every morning
to check that I'm okay
Have you got a temperature
Are you feeling hot they ask
I don't know they've got the glass stick
do they still have glass sticks these days

Nobody knows who's got this Corona thingy
and what they're trying to say now in America
is that most of the people over sixty five
who will die from this virus would have died
anyway from something else

But my carers still come and check up on me
they wear scary masks and placky gloves
they say things like 'Have you got any sanitizer'
and 'can I just check your temperature'
Hello am I even hot - under the collar perhaps

I used to drink Tizer I tell them and Corona
from the mobile pop man when he came round
they have no clue what I'm talking about
no idea what pop is/was they think that pop is
some kind of radio music thing they don't
like pop they like rap but they call it wrap

I told them I invented rap music but in those
days everybody called my version crap music

They only know what I tell them (I think)
and I don't tell them anything useful
like all my pin numbers and my passwords
I don't tell them because I can't remember them
they don't ask me anything any more they ignore me
Hello am I even hot/drinking/sinking whatever

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