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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

TOP Free Prompt


They call you up

when you’re all alone

to let you know that they can moan.

On the flummin

dog an’ bone

and all they do is moan and flippin moan.

They hog the phone,

trunk call trombone

and moan & moan down the herringbone.

They say: don’t you know

what he did to me,

did he do that to you too?

They’re out to kill

they don’t pay the bill,

that’s how these phone girls get their thrill!

They moan and moan

‘til the dialling tone goes shrill,

‘cos that’s what phone girls do.

Hell, if you’ve got two girls,

when they call you up,

you’re gonna need two phones.

So that you can

just put phone to

flummin phone and let them flaming moan.


Rewritten from an idea I had in 1971

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  1. No complaints from me - I've been through this process.

  2. Sorry to hear that Stan, if it's the same 2 girls, they can really moan!

    Just a bit of fun, folks!

  3. 'twas a little fun, all right - never happened to me and for that I'm grateful. LOL

  4. I'm sitting here chuckling! I feel like I'm in a pub listening to someone sing! On that note, I'd say it was time for a drink!

  5. Thanks Sue at Tumblewords, I'm so happy they didn't call you!

    Hi Anthony, I'm glad you saw the funny side.

  6. Hi Linda, you're always welcome to have a glass of wine from the virtual vine on my pub-poetry page!

  7. This is funny :D :D

    but i guess they must be a pest!

  8. Hi Winnie the poohi, They flummin' drive yer mad!


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