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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

NaPoWriMo 2010 Day 20

As a child, Jessica GC says she had two heroes: Wonder Woman and her mother. “To me, they were one and the same,” says Jessica. “Both had long dark hair. Both were strikingly beautiful, and both had incredible strength.”
Write a poem in which you to pay tribute to your hero, past or present.
Here are few possibilities for inspiration:
  • What made your childhood hero so special? What traits did you envy? Are super powers involved?
  • Do you have more than one hero? Consider drawing a comparison between them.
  • Honor the everyday heroes among us — the policemen, the fire fighters, the troops — risking their lives everyday.
  • Did your hero ever fall from the pedestal you put him or her on?
  • Maybe you’re the hero you want to write about! Have you ever had a moment when someone has made you feel like a hero? Did you ever save a cat from a burning building? Or maybe it was something as simple as staying up all night with a friend who needed you.
In any case, share with us in your poem what made or makes your hero so deserving of admiration.
I've presented this as a NanoAmerico^ which is an Allen Ginsberg style American Sentence sandwiched between two shorter sentences or statements. You can find other Sandwich poems and micro flash fiction at the American Sandwich game..

As her baby sleeps.
Batty as a fruitcake she writes her novels silently in the dark.
Slowly the penny drops.


  1. She's definitly near the top of my list.

  2. Before laptops that was a feat.

  3. i love this one...great hero....thanks for this

  4. Andy,
    That is quite the hero! Great poem.
    I will check out the site.

  5. Thanks for not making her 'nutty'; how predictable would that be?

    Never encountered the form. I like it.

  6. Thanks for reading this, just to clarify things, my heroine is a writer and she has a progressive disorder of the nervous system called Friedreich's Ataxia which has left her wheelchair bound, totally blind and extremely deaf. The title link will take you to her profile page where you can find links to her web page which tells you about her novels and other writing, and a link to her monthly Newsletter Raw Meat which began life in 1999.

  7. I became familiar with American Sentences only a short time ago, so this is a novel form. Your background information helps put your poem into perspective and I'm glad to know that you weren't simply being ungracious! I have clicked through to Nicola's pages which offer a lot of interest. Easy to see why she is your heroine.

  8. Hi Derrick, thanks for taking a little time reading Nicola's pages.


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