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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

napowrimo 2020 #28 coronavirus 30

his world was made of whopping great lies
under the blanket he had cupboards full of them
tin cans rusting at the base sugar and flour stuck to the shelves
huge puddles the shape of England eating holes in the floor
stacks of bills for electricity and gas that he never used
I went to his house once about a week before the pandemic
about a month before he jumped off the bridge
It took me a while to find his place hidden deep in the forest as it was
I spent the day with him and he asked me what day it was nearly twenty times
somewhere under the bed he kept all of his secret things
way down in his inner consciousness below the concrete floor of his mind
was a perfect memory of all that he had seen and done
for people like me who found this hard to comprehend
he said the brain is just for thinking but the memory is where it's all at
that was the only time that I met him
I was happy to get out of there before the lockdown started
it all went pear shaped not long after that

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